Senior Software Engineer / Tech Lead

Redbuffer provides you with flexible working hours and a friendly work environment so that you are able to put all your efforts in being your best and grow. Working in both web and ML, we seek employees who are passionate and eager to learn. In the day and age of technical innovations, we aim to lead from the front and are looking for employees who are driven by challenges and have the following


* You have 2-5 years of experience working in at least one major JavaScript platform such as AngularJS, NodeJS or ReactJS
* You have experience leading a team of developers
* You have experience in both backend and frontend
* You have experience creating products end-to-end, from gathering requirements to deployments
* You have working knowledge of AWS or Azure
* You have experience designing schema with SQL
* If you have working knowledge of any of the NoSQL databases, that will be a plus
* You have experience using any of the project management platforms (such as JIRA, Asana or Trello) to create and manage tasks for your teams


* You will be designing or reviewing architecture for applications
* You will be designing or reviewing database schema
* You will breakdown tasks for your team mates and ensure on-time delivery of those tasks
* You will ensure that code quality is good

Even if you don’t fulfill all of the requirements but you feel you can quickly get on speed, please feel free to apply for this position.
To apply, please forward your resume to